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CraZoY's Challenge Lobby - Verified and Legit

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CraZoY's Challenge Lobby - Verified and Legit   Empty CraZoY's Challenge Lobby - Verified and Legit

Post by CraZoY December 12th 2010, 8:23 pm

*** CraZoY's OFICIAL LOBBY ***
Send to payapl as gift=[/url]

NAT TYPE: Strict ( Internet connection as host) Some people cant join
STATUS: Closed
PRICE: $10 per person All Challenges/ custom $5 All Challenges 11prestige
VIP: Customer who paid $20 or more

ADMIN: $50 no more than 10 people can be enter

LEGIT: Yes ask your friend that know me
VERIFY: $1 or if I'm nice I will do it for free
NOTES: So if one of you guy have trouble connect to my lobby and I will do it for you ( just give me your login information or your friend can join in for you if they can connect to me.

1. Why cant you make it free?

- I worked hard just to get my jailbreak ps3 and I have to trade my Ipod to get this ps3. I also bought $20 PSJailbreak.

2. Can you give me aimbot?

- Yes I could but it's only available in my lobby if my patch has the function of aimbot.

3. What is your best patch?

- Hmm so far I think Mossy patch are the best.

4. What patch do you have?

- Overall I have 23 patches and they are very similar in many way. If I have time I will post them up.

Any other comment or question please feel free to post.


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